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Terms of Service

Zakle wants your experience to be as rewarding, safe, and pleasant as possible. To accomplish this objective, you and all other users and members, agree to abide by the following code of conducts and terms of use.

We can modify the terms of use at any time, without prior notice, by updating this page. By continuing to use this site, you accept the modified terms of use.

First, you must be at least 18 years old to be a member of Zakle.com. Zakle may not be held responsible for solicited or unsolicited participation on Zakle.com by anyone under the age of 18. Zakle reserves the right to remove or modify any profile, request, offer, or any other content we think might have been posted by a minor.

Second, Zakle is based on the Point system. You cannot offer cash, or request cash, for favors - Points only. Points can only be traded for favors. You cannot sell Points to other members or buy Points from other members. If you do, you will be expelled immediately from Zakle and you will forfeit all your Points. When you earn Points, a 2% commission in Points will be deducted from the Points earned (all fractions will be rounded up to the nearest Point).

Third, we may extend to you a line of credit. We may increase or decrease your line of credit without notice and at our sole discretion. You do not have to use your line of credit but if you do, you agree to earn enough Points within a year of the draw to cover the draw. You earn Points by fulfilling others' requests or by posting offers and performing them for those who respond. If you have several draws outstanding, the Points you earn will be applied to the oldest amount due, then to the second oldest, etc. If after a year from the date of draw, you have not earned enough Points to cover the draw, you will be required to buy Points (1 Point = 1 USD) to cover the outstanding balance of that draw. If your account is closed or you abandon it (such as not having active and attractive offers or not replying to those who respond to your offers, or not logging in for a long period of time, etc.) and you have a negative balance, the entire balance will be due immediately at the rate of one USD per Point outstanding.

Fourth, Zakle is an online marketplace for the person-to-person trading of favors. If you want to market your business, this is not the place to do it. Commercial offers or solicitations are strictly prohibited.

Fifth, the member-generated content is not verified, checked, validated, or guaranteed by Zakle and you are solely responsible for any actions you take in response to such content. Use caution in dealing with other members just as you would in dealing with any other stranger. Use common sense and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. If you get yourself into trouble, or incur any damage, injury, or other loss, we cannot be held liable. We are not responsible for any member-generated content, interactions or transactions on or off Zakle.com. Zakle does not in any way mediate, arbitrate or resolve disputes between members. You agree to hold Zakle harmless in the event of a technical malfunction, infection, virus, loss of data, computer failure, hacking, or any kind of damage or disruption to you as a member.

Sixth, you will not spam our members or send them chain letters or viruses or use our site to transmit same.

Seventh, we want to keep the site squeaky clean and safe. What that means is that thou shalt not do any of the following (or even try):

Post, transmit, or email anything that could be deemed or is obscene, racist, unlawful, vulgar, offensive, sexual, harmful, harassing, threatening, defamatory, illegal, libelous, or hateful.

Invade someone's privacy.

Stalk or harass someone.

Impersonate someone.

Misrepresent yourself in terms of qualifications, gender, age, education, experience, or anything else.

Commit fraud

Forge email headers

Post, transmit, or communicate any content you have not created yourself or that does not belong to you, unless you have the written permission of the copyright holder.

Use, download, collect, store, or sell the content on Zakle.com without our permission.

Create a profile for someone else or post offers or requests on behalf of someone else.

And now, our lawyers would like you to please read the following legalese so they can get paid:

Disclaimer of warranties

You agree to use the Zakle site and the services made available thereon entirely at your own risk. The site and services are provided on an "as is" or "as available" basis, without any warranties of any kind.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Zakle disclaims:

All express and implied warranties, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of proprietary rights.

Any warranties for the security, reliability, timeliness, accuracy, and performance of the Zakle site and services.

Any warranties for other services or goods received through or advertised on the Zakle site or accessed through any links on the Zakle site.

In some jurisdictions, disclaimers of implied warranties are not permitted. In such jurisdictions, some of the foregoing disclaimers may not apply to you insofar as they relate to implied warranties.

Limitations of liability

Under no circumstances shall Zakle be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages - even if Zakle has been advised of the possibility of such damages - resulting from any aspect of your use of the Zakle site or services, whether the damages arise from use or misuse of the Zakle site or services, from the inability to use the Zakle site or services, or the interruption, suspension, modification, alteration, or termination of the Zakle site or services. Such limitations shall also apply with respect to damages incurred by reason of other services or products received through or advertised in connection with the Zakle site or services or any links on the Zakle site, as well as by reason of any information or advice received through or advertised in connection with the Zakle site or services or any links on the Zakle site.

These limitations of liability shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law except in jurisdictions that do not allow limitations of liability. In such jurisdictions, some of the foregoing limitation may not apply to you.

Other good stuff

By becoming a member of Zakle.com, you agree to comply with all applicable laws.

Zakle reserves the right to modify or delete any member-generated content at Zakle's discretion without any advance notice to the member who submitted the content in questions. Zakle may not be held accountable for any harm, injury, misrepresentation, or monetary loss resulting from such actions, whether intentional or unintentional. Zakle reserves the right to collect anonymous data regarding member activity and behavior patterns to enhance the member experience. This data will only be used internally and will not be sold, shared, traded, or otherwise revealed to any outside entity.

All data and content on Zakle.com are the property of Zakle and may not be redistributed or reproduced without the Zakle's written permission. Zakle allows external linking to Zakle.com web pages, provided such pages are not served within a frameset and do not contain content that is illegal or that violates these terms of use.

Our lawyers say that if you don't agree with any of the preceding, you should not access the Zakle site or become a member of it.



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