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BZ (Before Zakle), you could only get favors from the people you knew well enough and they had to owe you one, or you ended up owing them one.

AZ (After Zakle), you can get favors from countless people all over the world... even if they don't owe you any favors.


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How does Zakle work? Simple. You do a Zakle member a favor, you get a number of Points that you and the member negotiate. One Point is roughly equivalent to one US dollar. The more favors you grant other members, the more Points you accumulate. When you need a favor, just use some of your Points to get the favor from the member most suited for the task.

What kinds of favors can you get or grant? An introduction to someone in a given company or industry, the answer to a question, advice, keeping your pet while you're out of town, checking on someone's elderly parents in another city, showing an out-of-town visitor around one's city, letting someone use one's apartment for a short period while one is away... In other words, any favor someone would do a friend. [learn more]



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